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  rdfs:label   "Benedikts Spinoza"@lav
"ברוך שפינאזא"@yid
"Baruh Spinozo"@epo
"Benedictus de Spinoza"@ido
"Benedictus de Spinoza"@lat
"Μ1ύχ Σ9ν̶α"@ell
"باروخ سپینۆزا"@ckb
"Benedikt Spinoza"@aze
"ባሩክ ስፒኖዛ"@amh
"Baruch Spinoza"@swa
"Baruch Spinoza"@swe
"Baruch Spinoza"@spa
"Baruch Spinoza"@slk
"Baruch Spinoza"@slv
"Baruch Spinoza"@scn
"Baruch Spinoza"@tur
"Baruch Spinoza"@war
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  <diedIn>   <The_Hague>
  <hasGivenName>   "Baruch"@eng
  <hasWikipediaAnchorText>   "هولندي"@ara
"كاهنًا يهوديًا"@ara
"بعلم البصريات"@ara
"ثنائية العقل-الجسد"@ara
"السحار السيليسي"@ara
"ابن عربي"@ara
"القرن 17"@ara
"24 نوفمبر"@ara
"21 فبراير"@ara
  <wasBornIn>   <Amsterdam>
  <hasFamilyName>   "Spinoza"@eng
  skos:prefLabel   "Baruch Spinoza"@eng
  <isKnownFor>   <Moses>
  <redirectedFrom>   "Benedict Baruch de Spinoza"@eng
"B. Spinoza"@eng
"B. Spinoza"@spa
"Bento de Espinosa"@eng
"Bento de Espinosa"@spa
"Banarch Spinoza"@eng
"Baruch Spinoza's"@eng
"Baruch spinoza"@spa
"Baruch spinoza"@ron
"B Spinoza"@spa
"Baroech Spinoza"@nld
  <hasCitationTitle>   "The Spinoza Problem"@eng
"Destroyer and Builder"@eng
"Hegel's History of Philosophy"@eng
"Speculum Spinozanum, 1677-1977"@eng
"Franciscus van den Enden/Biography"@eng
"Spinoza in 90 Minutes"@eng
"God Exists, Philosophically (review of u0022Spinoza: A Lifeu0022 by Steven Nadler)"@eng
"Shrine will be made of old Spinoza home; Society That Bears His Name Seeks Fund to Buy Dwelling of Great Philosopher at The Hague on the 250th Anniversary of His Death"@eng
"Spinoza. Oration by M. Ernest Renan, delivered at the Hague, February 21, 1877 by Translated by M. Stuart Phelps [pp. 763-776]"@eng
"How Spinoza lived"@eng
"New Light on Spinoza -- Joseph Freudenthal's Book, Published in German, Gives Facts."@eng
"Deciphering Spinoza, the Great Original -- Book review of u0022Betraying Spinoza. The Renegade Jew Who Gave Us Modernity.u0022 By Rebecca Goldstein"@eng
"Spinoza stymies 'God's attorney' -- Stewart argues the secular world was at stake in Leibniz face off"@eng
"Baruch Spinoza (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)"@eng
"Goethe: Studie nach Spinoza - Aufsätze und Rezensionen"@eng
"Linné on line - What people have said about Linnaeus"@eng
"Einstein believes in u0022Spinoza's Godu0022; Scientist Defines His Faith in Reply, to Cablegram From Rabbi Here. Sees a Divine Order But Says Its Ruler Is Not Concerned u0022Wit Fates and Actions of Human Beings.u0022"@eng
"Einstein's Third Paradise, by Gerald Holton"@eng
"Spinoza of Market Street and Other ... - Google Books"@eng
"Spinoza, u0022God-Intoxicated Manu0022; Three Books Which Mark the Three Hundredth Anniversary of the Philosopher's Birth Blessed Spinoza. A Biography. By Lewis Browne. 319 pp. New York: The Macmillan Company. $4. Spinoza . Liberator of God and Man. By Benjamin De Casseres, 145pp. New York: E. Wickham Sweetland. $2. Spinoza the Biospher Pinoza. By Frederick Kettner. Introduc- tion by Nicholas Roerich, New Era Library. 255 pp. New York: Roerich Museum Press. $2.50. Spinoza"@eng
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  <influences>   <Denis_Diderot>
  <diedOnDate>   "1677-02-21"^^xsd:date
  rdf:type   <wikicat_Dutch_people>
  <wasBornOnDate>   "1632-11-24"^^xsd:date
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